The Blockchain. Healthcare's Final Frontier.

The Problem

Health data is fundamental to research scientists and research organizations in finding cures for disease and optimizing health. However, gathering this health data has two big roadblocks. First, its expensive. Research centers have to spend large amounts of money to enlist participants to provide the health data they need. And second, most people don’t want to just “give” their health data away only to have big pharma make billions of dollars from it, so many research centers pay the contributors money to collect the data which then makes the project even more expensive. And if the project needs real time ongoing health data that’s even harder to acquire.

This is slowing the progress of health science because of the high cost of acquisition as only large pharmaceutical companies and well funded research institutes can afford to acquire this kind of health data for their projects. This leaves literally millions of scientists on the sidelines and research organizations in a limited position.

The Solution

The solution to gathering large amounts of real time health data is by putting the right incentives in place for the contributors and by making it easy, fun and gamified. Now because of blockchain technology and with the emerging popularity of crypto tokens people can be incentivized with crypto tokens for all kinds of things at a much lower cost to the company or organization issuing the incentives than ever before. Vitals has created a crypto token, VITALS, to pay contributors for their health data. Each VITAL is backed by data in a database. As the data backing each VITAL increases, the value of VITAL increases. VITAL is a reserve value token.

We believe that large groups of people will sign up to track their vitals in exchange for VITALS, creating the largest database of health data in the world, while creating health sovereignty and wealth for contributors. For researchers, they now have access to data that is far cheaper, and real time! Let's help them improve health for everyone on the planet.