Your Health Data, Your Property. Finally.

Take Control of Your Health Data; Tokenize Your Vitals

It’s simple - Tokenize Your Health Data. You Contribute health data in exchange for vitals token. A first for you and the world.

Vitals empowers you to maintain sovereign control of your health information while supporting scientific advancement with the global science community. Do not let your health data be controlled by large corporations. Take control of your own health data by owning it. Monetize it the way you want, bring it with you to the doctor's office, control your anonymity, choose whether or not to make it available to important scientific studies. Not only will you be helping yourself, you will be part of building the largest decentralized health database in the world.

Your health history and vitals will be stored in a dynamic NFT (Vitals NFT) that you own and control. With your permission, your Vitals NFT can be sold to researchers around the world. Every time its sold, you get paid. In the past only large corporations and government agencies had the money to gather health data to do research as its very expensive to collect health and vitals data. With your help, Vitals will democratize health research by creating a health data marketplace for any scientist or research institute in the world who is looking for innovative cures for all types of diseases.

Your data is stored in an encrypted blockchain vault and can be removed at any time that you choose. The data will be managed by a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) an organization called the Vitals DAO. A portion of the income received by the Vitals DAO will be donated to worthy research projects that are seeking to cure diseases.

How It will Work for Contributors

(those who share or sell their vital data)

To mine your body for information and store it securely:

  1. Acquire health tracking hardware from a company that has integrated with the Vitals API. We want to integrate with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and others.
  2. Setup your Vitals account through the mobile app or our web app. You will be creating a unique crypto handle that follows the structure username@vitals.
  3. Add your handle to the app that has integrated with the Vitals API.
  4. Use the app as you normally would, but watch the VITALS roll in!

To structure the data that is up for sale:

  1. Vitals DAO assumes you want to delegate the ability to resale your data to them. This can be revoked.
  2. Decide how much of your health history and vitals data you want to share and sell. 
  3. Your data is stored in an encrypted vault and can be removed at any time that you choose. Remember, its your sovereign health data, you can do whatever you feel is best for yourself. 
  4. Fill out your health history in as much detail as you want. You decide how much information you want to share. 
  5. When research institutes purchase your health data, you will receive token!
  6. Congratulations, you are mining your own body, earning Vitals crypto tokens and helping science improve the health of people all over the world.

How It will Work for Research Groups

(those who do research or groups who are looking to buy health and vitals data)

The Vitals database is encrypted, but still accessible via generalized queries. We can return generalized numbers, but no actual data until it has been purchased.

  1. If you have a research project you can search our database for the health data from our Contributors. 
  2. Once you determine the amount of data that is relevant and/or valuable for your project, you purchase the appropriate amount of Vitals tokens and use them to acquire that data. 
  3. The tokens that are spent for the data are split up according to the whitepaper, and sent to the Contributors, the Vitals DAO, and other parties.
  4. If the contributor has delegates resale authority to Vitals DAO, you will receive immediate access to their data. If they have retained that ability, you will receive access to their data once they approve the request.