The Blockchain. Healthcare's Final Frontier.

Health data is fundamental to research scientists and research organizations in finding cures for disease and optimizing health. However, gathering this health data has two big roadblocks. First, its expensive. Research centers have to spend large amounts of money to enlist participants to provide the health data they need. And second, most people don’t want to just “give” their health data away only to have big pharma make billions of dollars from it, so many research centers pay the contributors money to collect the data which then makes the project even more expensive. And if the project needs real time ongoing health data that’s even harder to acquire.

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Your Health Data, Your Property. Finally.

It’s simple - Tokenize Your Health Data. You Contribute health data in exchange for vitals token. A first for you and the world. Vitals empowers you to maintain sovereign control of your health information while supporting scientific advancement with the global science community. Do not let your health data be controlled by large corporations. Take control of your own health data by owning it. Monetize it the way you want, bring it with you to the doctor's office, control your anonymity, choose whether or not to make it available to important scientific studies. Not only will you be helping yourself, you will be part of building the largest decentralized health database in the world.<br>

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